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Established in 1985, we have a wealth of experience in the sub contract industry and can offer a unique range of skills to our customers. It is rare to find a company like ours that can offer up to date CNC solutions together with traditional manual production disciplines.

Whichever technique we employ to produce our customers components, the attention to detail, accuracy and pride always remain the same.


Our Portfolio of customers include those who are involved in Sub Sea Exploration, Sub Sea Trenching and Cable Laying, Control Valves and Manifolds, Defence products, Agricultural products, Oilfield Drilling equipment, Automotive components, Cryogenic components and Motorsport.


Our wide range of skills and equipment enable us to offer our customers the facility to produce components in batch sizes from a Prototype 1 off, to larger batches of 400 plus.


From within our production sections we have at our disposal the following:


CNC Machining - Doosan and Bridgeport Milling Machines. Doosan Nakamura & Colchester Lathes.

Manual Machining - Bridgport Mills, Union Horizontal Borer, Newall Jig Borer & Colchester Lathes.

Grinding & EDM - Jones & Shipman surface & cylidrical grinders, GEE EDM 500 Spark Eroder.

Fabrication - TiG & MiG Welding Plant, Amada Break Press, Amada Guillotine and Amada Punch Press.

Inspection - All our products are fully inspected and supplied with test certification if required. All the                      materials used are fully traceable.


BS EN ISO 9001:2015, As from 1st April 2018 we now hold BSI Certificate Number FS 621816


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In addition to the services we provide, we are also able to supply components which require surface finish and 3rd party processes, such as Anodising, Plating, Painting and Non Destructive Testing. Certification for these value added processes can also be provided.

The companies which we use have been supporting us for many years and we all work together to ensure the exacting standards upon which we insist.


Our workforce is the heart of our organisation and embodies all the skills required. We employ time served machinists and coded welders, certified to TiG weld Aluminium and Stainless Steels.